Welcome to the FoZoLo Gallery!

I'm just getting FoZoLo started. Still learning how to use the software I created. :-) Below are my first drawings. If you create a cool drawing send it to me. If I add it to the gallery I will place a link to your website.

I'll try to create new drawings each week!

~Jeff Newman


"Dua Lipa"
by Elbasan Dobruna

I love seeing what other artists can do with my software. Very impressive drawing and Elbasan sis it with a mouse. That is very difficult. Great job!

~Jeff Newman (2018)

What can you draw with FoZoLo? Send your drawing to FoZoLo@outlook.com




I quickly drew this elephant using the mobile version of FoZoLo.

~Jeff Newman (2018)



I was fascinated by this image of a goldfish. Had to draw it.

~Jeff Newman (2018)


"Martin Luther King Jr. "

My tribute to this great man.

~Jeff Newman (2018)



This is my take on a painting titled "Narasumas" by Marc Allante. Really like how he paints. His website is:


~Jeff Newman (2018)



Everyone loves Minions!

~Jeff Newman (2018)



Too cute! I had to draw a Porg.

~Jeff Newman (2018)



The man is a genius. I'll watch any of his movies anytime.

~Jeff Newman (2017)


"Green Pools"

This is my attempt to to recreate a painting titled "Green Pools" by Lois Jover. I had to modify FoZoLo in order to achieve a pen & ink wash capability. I really like Jover's style! You can see more Jover paintings by visiting this link:


~Jeff Newman (2017)



This is the first drawing I created with my FoZoLo website. It exposed some flaws that I corrected. I get a lot of Hummingbirds in my backyard. They are amazing!

~Jeff Newman (2017)

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